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Can Nokia’s “Tube” Answer the iPhone?

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Every mobile maker wants to bury the iPhone. A new Nokia phone with touch-screen is codenamed 'Tube' and will have Java built-in and probably support for the DVB-H mobile TV and mobile video. The device can upload photos to the web, indicating either built-in Wi-Fi or HSDPA connectivity. GPS should be included, as Nokia wants to build location technology into all smartphones.


Nokia hopes to significantly undercut Apple with their manufacturing economies of scale. One analyst thinks the “leak” promising an iPhone-like device may be an attempt to reduce iPhone uptake in Nokia’s home market in Europe.


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How Not to Do an Acquisition

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BallmerWhat do you do when sweet-talk doesn’t work in an acquisition? If you are Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, you issue an ultimatum.


The man famous for hopping like a lunatic on stage to motivate staff and partners fails to find new ways to motivate Yahoo execs to come to the table.


Two days after Yahoo reluctantly responded to the Microsoft ultimatum (“OK, we don’t like it but we are open to a deal, but not at the price you’re proposing…”), Yahoo will begin a limited test of Google Search service. This will deliver relevant Google ads alongside Yahoo!'s own search results and delivered another reason for the Microsoft.CEO to be hopping mad.


Now Microsoft is talking to News Corp. to create a mega-internet company combining Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN and News Corp.'s Web properties (MySpace and Fox Interactive.) Yahoo is still searching for other buyers, any other buyer, please a buyer…supposedly Time Warner is considering folding its AOL unit into Yahoo.


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EMC Buys Iomega, Goes Consumer

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IOMEGAEMC acquires Zip-drive maker Iomega for $212.5 million, stopping a stock-swap merger with Great Wall Technology. Great Wall gets a $7.5 million deal-termination fee.


The darling of personal storage in the ‘90s, the makers of Zip and Jazz drives, Iomega was once one of the hottest stocks in high tech, selling at $110 per share.


Enterprise storage player EMC paid only $3.85 a share as a way to move into the high-growth consumer and small-business markets. Recently EMC paid $75 million for the consumer online storage service Mozy.

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WW Server Shipments Grow 7% Growth, while Revenue Up Only 4%

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Worldwide server shipments in 2007 increased 7.4% last year, while worldwide server revenue grew 3.8%, according to Gartner, Inc.

“The server market did exhibit growth for Q4 and for the year as a whole,” says Jeffrey Hewitt, research VP at Gartner. “In fact, Q4 climbed almost 11% in shipments and just under 3% in revenues in spite of the fact that there have been concerns about a slowdown due to downturns in certain economic sectors of particular geographies.”

“RISC-Itanium Unix servers fell on a global basis for 2007 at 13.8% in shipments but grew 1.7% in revenue for the year,” says Hewitt.

IBM continued to lead the worldwide server market based on revenue. In server shipments, Hewlett-Packard remained the worldwide leader for 2007. Of the top five global vendors, Dell, HP, IBM and Sun all had revenue increases for the year, while Fujitsu/Fujitsu Siemens was the only one to have a slight decline.

Of the top 10 vendors in server shipments worldwide, only three did not have shipment increases for the year—IBM, NEC and Sun.

WW Server Shipments, Estimate 2007 (Units)


Company2007 Shipments2007 Market Share (%)2006 Shipments2006 Market Share (%)2006-2007 Growth (%)
Sun Micro 338,0483.8368,6034.5-8.3
Other Vendors2,396,52127.12,270,22427.65.6
Total 8,841,052 100.0 8,233,984 100.0 7.4


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GameStop Buys Free Record Shop Norway

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GameStop buys 49 Free Record shops in Norway and will change these to GameStop branded stores. With 160 locations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, CEO Free Record Shop Hans Breukhoven now plans to expand in Benelux.

Texas-based GameStop is the world's largest video game software retailer with 5000 retail stores in USA and in 15 countries.

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