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More Sony in Store

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Despite the economy (and layoffs), Sony opens a new retail store in USA with Comcast. SonyStyle Comcast Labs is in the Comcast Center, the newest skyscraper in Philadelphia and HQ for America's largest cable operator.

The 3400-sq. ft. store will show off home broadband equipment that lets people surf at 100 megabits per second.Sony will display a new TV running Comcast's TV interface. It uses Tru2way (software that cable providers are rolling out to standardize their systems so the same STB can work with any cable operator). The store also will sell Sony PlayStations, laptops, cameras and camcorders.

Comcast says no plans for now to expand beyond the one store, but that could change depending on how this store performs. Sony has over 40 Sony Style, retail stores in USA, but says the new retail space is "a lot more techie" than lifestyle-driven Sony Style outlets.

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Targeted...But Not By Consumers

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Retailers often feel like a target and now they are. Dutch authorities in March arrested seven suspected terrorists before they could allegedly blow up a MediaMarkt and two other shops in Amsterdam.

Among the arrested people linked to the bombing in Madrid five years ago. All suspects are Moroccan, age 19 to 64. Amsterdam police intercepted the bombers on a tip from a mobile phone call from Brussels. The caller said men would plant bombs in three major stores in Amsterdam: Zuidoost, IKEA and our industry’s very own MediaMarkt.

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Best Buy Sales +10%, Profit -23%

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Their Q4 ended this February and now Best Buy can report sales up 10% while profit fell 23%. The quarterly revenue was $14.72 billion, a 9.7% increase from strong sales of laptops and cellphones, Best Buy Europe and 213 store openings in the last year.

Best Buy has decided to delay its launch in the UK until spring 2010, in part because of weak market conditions and also to take advantage of falling property prices. Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson in a UK visit last week said the company is aiming for a "significant share" of the UK electronics market and hoping to expand the market with its arrival.

The market was pleased that Q4 was better than expected so even with profits down, Best Buy stock prices rose.

Go Best Buy, When Down is Up

Cisco Joins in the Server Wars

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In a global recession, what do the cash-rich companies do? They go shopping…

IT companies are looking for acquisitions as organic growth is difficult given the poor economy. And valuations are very cheap now.

That's why IBM ($13 billion in cash) is buying Sun for $6.5 billion. IBM wants to become a one-stop shop for all IT related offerings, whether  hardware, software services or solutions.

IBM is Chambersthe world's largest maker of servers (IDC, Q4 2008) with a market share of 36.3%. HP came next with 29.0%, Dell 10.6%, Sun 9.3% and Fujitsu (now without Siemens) 4.2%. The Top 5 server vendors all posted declines in Q4 server revenue, hurt by cuts in corporate spending.

This deal may be about servers, but the timing's about Cisco.

Cisco just announced its first entry into servers, and they're joining the server business with an Armada of other IT vendors under the heading of “Unified Computing" that brings in an alliance of VMWare (leader in software that helps companies get more from the hardware they have), Microsoft, BMC, Intel and storage maker EMC.

Because Cisco is sitting on $30 billion in cash, its next step after its entry into servers could have been...buying Sun! So IBM has blocked this move by taking Sun off the table. Cisco's entry into the server market will trigger a wave of mergers and acquisitions in IT.

It is only the first volley in another battle in the 30 Years War to control the network, the same network that owns the endpoint pipes that carry audio/video/data to its destination.

Go The IBM and Sun Deal

How Much Did They Lose?

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What impact has the 2008 recession had on High Tech’s richest achievers? Bill is back on top but $18 billion poorer for it… 

RANK 2009     vs 2008


Net Worth

Change From 2008

#1 (#3)

William Gates III (Microsoft)

$40.0 billion

-$18.0 billion

#4 (#14)

Larry Ellison (Oracle)

$22.5 billion

-$2.5 billion

#17 (#65)

Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg)

$16 billion

+$5 billion

#29 (#40)

Michael Dell (Dell)

$12.3 billion

-$4.1 billion

#26 (#32)

Sergey Brin (Google)

$12 billion

-$6.7 billion

#26 (#33)

Larry Page (Google)

$11 billion

-$4 billion

#29 (#43)

Steve Ballmer (Microsoft)

$11 billion

-$4 billion

#32 (#41)

Paul Allen (Microsoft)

$10.5 billion

-$5.5 billion

#68 (#110)

Jeffrey Bezos (Amazon)

$6.8 billion

-$1.4 billion

#119 (#142)

Eric Schmidt (Google)

$4.4 billion

-$2.2 billion

#132 (#109)

Rupert Murdoch (News Corp.)

$4 billion

-$4.3 billion

#146 (#87)

Charles Ergen (EchoStar)

$3.9 billion

-$5.6 billion

#156 (#120)

Pierre Omidyar (Ebay)

$3.6 billion

-$4.4 billion

#178 (#189)

Steven Jobs (Apple)

$3.4 billion

-$2 billion

#196 (#236)

John Sall (SAS Institute)

$3.1 billion

-$1.3 billion

#205 (#277)

George Lucas (LucasArts)

$3.0 billion

-$0.9 billion

#246 (#288)

Gordon Moore (Intel)

$2.6 billion

-$1.1 billion

#261 (#462)

David Sun (Kingston Technologies)

$2.5 billion


#261 (#462)

John Tu (Kingston Technologies)

$2.5 billion


#296 (#446)

Mark Cuban (

$2.3 billion

-$0.3 billion

#296 (#307)

Ray Dolby (Dolby)

$2.3 billion

-$1.2 billion

#397 (#286)

Jeffrey Skoll (Ebay)

$1.8 billion

-$1.8 billion

#430 (#503)

William Randolph Hearst III (Media, Kleiner Perkins)

$1.7 billion

-$0.7 billion

#468 (#652)

Thomas Siebel (Siebel Systems)

$1.5 billion

-$0.4 billion

#522 (#605)

Andreas von Bechtolsheim (Sun, Google investor)

$1.4 billion

-$0.6 billion

#522 (#533)

Omid Kordestani (Google)

$1.4 billion

-$0.8 billion

#559 (#652)

Henry Samueli (Broadcom)

$1.3 billion

-$0.6 billion

#559 (#462)

Craig McCaw (McCaw Cellular)

$1.3 billion

-$1.2 billion

#559 (#743)

Irwin Jacobs (Qualcomm)

$1.3 billion

-$0.3 billion

#559 (#785)

Todd Wagner (

$1.3 billion

-$0.2 billion

#601 (#707)

L. John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins)

$1.2 billion

-$0.5 billion

#601 (#677)

Henry Nicholas III (Broadcom)

$1.2 billion

-$0.6 billion

#601 (#461)

David Filo (Yahoo)

$1.2 billion

-$1.3 billion

#647 (#785)

Vinod Khosla (Kleiner Perkins)

$1.1 billion

-$0.4 billion

#701 (#137)

Sumner Redstone (Viacom)

$1 billion

-$5.8 billion

#701 (#897)

Scott Cook (Intuit)

$1 billion

-$0.3 billion

#701 (#897)

David Duffield (PeopleSoft)

$1 billion

-$0.3 billion

#701 (#897)

Barry Diller (IAC)

$1 billion

-$0.3 billion

#701 (#847)

Richard Egan (EMC)

$1 billion

-$0.4 billion

#701 (#785)

Theodore Waitt (Gateway)

$1 billion

-$0.5 billion

40 names


$203.4 billion

-$81.5 billion






*Chart compiled by TECH CRUNCH’s  Leena Rao, based on Forbes List


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