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World's Highest Single-die Memory Device

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8GB and 16GB SDHC cards Based on 43nm process technology, the 64Gb NAND flash chip (the highest-density single-die memory device in the world) enters production, reports SanDisk.

SanDisk developed a 4-bit-per-cell X4 memory stick, twice as many as the cells in conventional multi-level cell (MLC) NAND (2-bits-per-cell) memory chips.

SanDisk ships 8GB and 16GB SDHC cards using X4 technology as well as 8GB and 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo cards.

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Highest Q2- Q3 Jump for Graphics Processors

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ATI Graphics processors jumped to +21.2% from Q2 to Q3 this year.

Over the last 8 years, this overall change from Q2 to Q3 was the highest recorded result, says Jon Peddie, head of Research Market Watch.

The big winner is AMD up 30.2% with 19.8% market share. Second is Intel with 25.2%, market leader with more than 50% in Q3. Q-to-Q market share shows other companies like Nvidia (3.3%), Matrox (-50.8%), newcomer SiS (209.3%) and VIA/S3 with 116.2%.

Intel shipped the most graphic processors (63m), 2X more than Nvidia. In total, 119.3m were shipped in this Q3, "exceeding the record 111 million units shipped in Q3 2008," notes Jon Peddie. "The crash of fall 2008 is now behind us."

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Magnetricity to Open New IT Technology?

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alt How much for that "Magnetric PC" in the dealer's window?

Scientists at the London Center of Nanotechnologies prove the existence of atom-sized magnetic charges ("magnetic monopoles") that behave and interact like electric charges.

This could mean significant tech advances in computing with the quicker movement and manipulation of data via magnetic rather than electric charges.

The team at the Isis Facility in Oxfordshire generated subatomic particles (muons) to investigate magnetic materials. They showed the movement of magnetic charges in spin ice was exactly analogous to electrically charged ions conducting current in water.

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Shrinking Global Market, But Europe Now Leads

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alt With 19% of all Technical Consumer Goods (TCG), this year, Europe now leads No. America (18%) in the global market.

European sales went up to US$131 billion (2% more than 2008), while No. America declined 12%.

The combined market for mobile phones, TVs and PCs hits US$681 billion WW but the financial crisis causes 2% drop compared to 2008 (which was up 12% from 2007)

Impressive climbing in Japan (+19%), dramatic decline in Eastern Europe (- 36%) are evident in this GfK report based on reports from 400,000+ retailers WW.

Sales of LCD TVs reach 145m in 2009 compared to 108m in 2008, says GfK Retail and Technology in this first report from their WW database for IT, Telco and CE.

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Gartner Revises PC Forecast Upwards

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Gartner thinks PC sales will do better…

Earlier this year Gartner expected a WW PC sales  decline of -12% but now it's only - 2% (285m units in 2009).

Sales Up

WW 80.9m units shipped in 3Q 09, a 0.5% increase from Q3 08.

EMEA showed a double-digit decline in Q3 as PC shipments fell to 26m units, a -10.1% from Q3 2008.

But Europe declined only 4.5% Q-to-Q, an indication of bottoming out of the slump and a modest return to seasonal patterns.

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