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World’s Smallest 8GB USB Drive

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SuperTalentSuper Talent Technology shows three new 8GB USB Flash drives, including the world’s smallest 8GB drive.


These new drives include: PICO-A, with a swivel lid; the retractable PICO-B; and ultra small PICO-C. Super Talent’s patented PICO series USB drives are manufactured using chip-on-board (COB) technology, which enables up to 8GB of Flash storage to fit into an incredibly minute case. PICO-C drives weigh less than a nickel (about 4.7 grams) and measure only 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm.


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Supermarkets Keep Expanding CEE Footprints

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Discount chain Aldi will open in April its first units in Hungary, a year after it first announced it would enter the country. Aldi will launch 40-50 units this year in Hungary focusing on the Budapest area.


Tesco will open 15 stores in Slovakia this year and four of these supermarkets will have shopping areas of 3,000 m².


This growth is part of a trend that will bring international “non-food merchandising” into competition with traditional local channels.


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LaserVue, Laser TV by Mitsubishi

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LaserVueWhile other makers are downplaying LaserTV as a future standard, Mitsubishi gives its laser-based DLP HDTV a brand name: LaserVue. The company says LaserVue will be "in stores and for sale during Q3" at least in USA.

Today’s HDTVs display less than 40% of the color spectrum that the eye can see. Laser, says Mitsubishi, produces as much as twice the color.

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Context: AMD Ups Market Share Notebook Volume Channel

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AMD Mobile Turion 64 X2 increased market share in distribution sales of PC notebooks, outperforming Intel in the consumer IT space during February, according to Context for France, Germany and UK.

In the volume channel (incorporating multiple retailer and mail order), the share of Intel's Core 2 Duo processor was 34% in February (stable month-on-month, but down from 39% registered in December).

In second position was Celeron M, with 26%, followed by AMD Mobile Turion 64 X2, which registered an all-time high market share in this type of channel, with 21% and surpassing Pentium Dual Core in fourth position with 14%.

In the consumer IT space within the volume channel, AMD became the best selling processor vendor for the first time in the past 12 months, with its Mobile Turion 64 X2 processor gaining 30% market share, outperforming Intel's Core 2 Duo, which registered 27% and Celeron M with 24%.


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Circuit City Between Rock and Hard Place

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circuit cityThe $12.5 billion No. American superstore Circuit City has hired Goldman Sachs to explore "strategic alternatives" for the struggling chain. The move comes after pressure from shareholders led by industry veteran Mark Wattles to oust the board of directors and CEO Philip Schoonover.


Schoonover is accused of making a bad situation worse by his idea to cut costs last year by laying off 3400 of Circuit City’s highest-paid-and most experienced-employees.


Wattles, whose company owns a 6.5% stake in Circuit City, founded Hollywood Video in the 1980s, built it into the #2 rental chain in USA and sold it in 2005. Then he took over Ultimate Electronics and turned the 32-store chain around. His demands create options that may put him in charge.


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