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What’s A Nice Guru Like You... Doing In A Place Like This?

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Apple Genius Bars versus Roving Geeks…As part of its $300-million marketing campaign to change the way we think about Redmond, Microsoft will deploy its own customer service reps at retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City.

At least 155 "Microsoft gurus" will be released in U.S. stores by year’s end. These gurus will answer questions about PCs and Microsoft products, demonstrating how the products work together. The idea is to get customers thinking Microsoft.

The Genius Bar offers tech support on products you’ve purchased, but Microsoft reps won’t go there. We’re told Microsoft gurus will not be paid on commission but measured by customer satisfaction. What a bad job to take.

Go Microsoft Customer Reps in Your Strore

Winners of Orbitsound T12s

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The Reseller Park of IFA, in cooperation with The Distribution Channel Ltd. who publish Consumer IT, drew two prize winners.

Mr. Marcus Mueller, Junior Key Account Manager at Dug Telecom in Oberkarmer, and Mr. Bernd Baesler, Strategic Buyer Non-Foods at REWE-Zentral, will each receive an Orbitsound T12.

A powered stereo sound bar and subwoofer with airSoumd technology, the T12 offers an instant, simple big screen sound upgrade with dock and remote control functions for your iPod.

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4th Annual European Brokers Meeting

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This time it will be Rome on Nov. 27-28th as the brokers/traders in IT come together in their only annual meeting in Europe. For €525 each person, any broker can join and can get Speed Dating, One on One meetings with other brokers. Fine occasion to socialize and build relationships. More than 250 registered already…

Go for Brokers

250GB isTop HDD for Notebooks

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The top-selling HDD capacity for notebooks in six W. European countries became 250GB for the first time in August, with 23% share, outselling 160GB (22%) and 120GB (21%).

Context research says distribution sales (for France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK) also highlights 80GB in fourth position with 10% (stable over the previous month), while 320GB jumps from 5% (July) to 8% (August).

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MediaMarkt Opens Its Largest Store in Turkey

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Media Markt opens its biggest store in Turkey at a shopping mall named "Ankara Forum". More than 70,000 electronics products are on the shelves of the store.

The first Media Markt store in Turkey opened in 2007. As of the beginning of 2008, Media Markt has over 500 superstores throughout Europe.

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