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Mobile Broadband Up 157% in USA

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Research says the devices accessing internet via U.S. cellular broadband networks more than doubled in 2007. The majority of those machines were corporate-issued machines.                             According comScore, 2,168,000 devices used broadband cellular connections to access the web in Q4 in USA.  And 59% are corporate users. Another study by In-Stat says smartphones worldwide will increase by an average of 33% each year through 2012 (and mobile broadband growth automatically will follow that number.) Go Mobile Broadband 

IBM Meets Demand for 'Microsoft-free' PCs

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IBM will work with Vienna-based VDEL and Poland’s LX Polska to sell "Open Referent" systems (based on Red Hat Linux and open standards-based productivity software).

Open Referent taps into a growing demand for low-cost desktop systems that by definition have to lose the cost of Microsoft. IBM says it is responding to demand from large businesses and government agencies in Eastern Europe and Russia (including  Aeroflot, the Russian Ministry of Defence and the RusHotel hotel chain). Open Referent could cut their costs in half.

The press is beating this to death as a “Is IBM Getting Back into PC Business?” issue but really…think about it? Who would want to get back into PCs?

IBM just wants to wrap their arms fuller around their customers, those big organizations that can buy SOLUTIONS instead of boxes.

Go Open Referent

IT Jobs Can Be Sexy, Suggests EC Commissioner

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"We have to convince young women that ICT isn't just for geeks. IT jobs can be very sexy indeed," Reding told journalists in a briefing.

Reding believes getting women recruits is the best way to make up the shortfall of 300,000 skilled ICT personnel in Europe. Women accounted for 58% of all graduates in the EU at last count, but female computer science graduates fell by 4% during the same period.

Go Woman in IT


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V7 introduces their first 24 inch widescreen LCD monitor. The D24W33 has good specs (especially for a 399 Euro model): a brightness of 250 cd/m² , a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, and a contrast of 1,000:1.

V7 24 inch

But it’s not all about specs, is it? Demand for large displays in widescreen format has increased because of the new Windows Vista OS. This widescreen monitor comes with show-boating pivot function that graphic artists, CAD specialists and others need several applications shown on the screen at the same time.

The 24 inch, panorama format is suitable for both home and the office area. With its black casing, D24W3 could become the “pivotal point” of any surroundings.

Go V7

V7 Backpacks...Just the Beginning

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Frank GerichTen years ago it seemed like a radical idea: a distributor’s own brand. A house brand. Sure, in those days you had a few odd distributors like Trust that lived by building their brand, but in general the Brand (with a Capital “B”) was still territory occupied solely by Tier 1 vendors who could buy expertise from marketing gurus and big agencies.

Vendors built brands, distributors built channels and route-to-market for those brands, and retailers built traffic and sales. It was a far more, simple world (although we still managed to get confused in it).

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