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Patent Raid at CeBIT: 180 Officials to Fine 51 Companies

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Police filled 68 boxes with cell phones, navigation devices, electronic picture frames and flat-screen devices in a patent raid on CeBIT exhibitors. The patent violations included devices with MP3, MP4 or digital video broadcast functions, as well as DVD players and blank CDs and DVDs

It took 180 police and custom officers to confront 24 exhibitors from mainland China, three from Hong Kong, 12 from Taiwan, 9 German, and one each were from Poland, Netherlands and Korea.

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802.11n Router: Prices Drop 6.7% in January.

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Context SalesWatch Distribution (data for France, Germany &UK) says the Average Selling Price (ASP) of 802.11n routers reached 111 euro in January 2008 (down 6.7% from 119 (excl. VAT) in Dec. 2007).


Vendors with the most significant ASP drops in January: Linksys (94 euros), Belkin (91 euros), U.S. Robotics (110 euros), AVM (152 euros) and SMC (43 euros). Distributor pricing was mostly stable for other vendors such as Netgear, D-Link, and slightly upwards for Apple.

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Intel’s Atom Line of Mobile Processors

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Intel's Atom VideoIntel officially renames two chips targeted at small, portable computers. "Silverthorne" and "Diamondville" are now part of the company's Atom line.
With Atom, Intel is feeding demand for a new category of low-cost, e-centric mobile computing devices and thin-client desktops will grow substantially over the next several years.

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What’s Green, Wireless and Fully Recyclable?

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Eee PCThe Lenovo Idea Pad, Apple AirBook, Asus eeePc…like Alice in Wonderland, notebooks are shrinking, shrinking…

Call them Ultra Mobile Devices. But supposing someone tied this UMD excitement to the urgency of Green IT?

Meet the UNI-V100, a new fully recyclable notebook for under 199 Euro MSRP and shown for the first time ever at CeBIT.

A Linux based subnotebook with Strong ARM processor that comes with a suite of office tools, theUni-V100 comes from China. It’s wireless-enabled and has 2GB of flash memory, 256MB RAM. Built-in stereo and two USB interfaces.

Etienne Finet with V100Features aside, the Uni-V100’s biggest selling point is that is has been designed with Beginning of Life and End of Life in mind. More than just RoHS and WEEE complaint, this is one pc that won’t end up in a landfill. Easy to dissemble, fewer parts and only one plastic material that, the maker says, is non-toxic even if it’s set on fire.

With a price point below 200 euros, it’s more likely that sales will catch on fire.

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Altec Lansing Shows iPhone Dock

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 Many industry observers were surprised when Gartner reported worldwide mobile phone sales reached 1.15 billion units in 2007 and three new companies made the Top 10. Apple, outsider to the telecom industry, made the list. 

German distributor MacLand, specialist in third party solutions for Apple, held its annual MacLand@CeBIT day in the Convention Center. 

There Altec Lansing’s Dirk Gerber showed the T612 sound dock, one of the first iPhone docks. Altec’s range of iPod decks is well-established but the iPHONE dock joins a new wave of iPhone accessories and peripherals that will spur retail and etail sales.

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