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ABI: Chromebooks "a Disruptive Force""

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According to ABI Research global 2013 Chromebook shipments total 2.1 million units, and are set to reach 11 million with a CAGR of 28% by 2019 as the market remains favourable towards budget-friendly products.

Chromebook“ABI Research tracked Chromebooks across 6 regions and found the ASP to be $338,” the analyst says. “This truly budget-driven device is a disruptive force to the portable PC market.”

As well as the consumer market Chromebooks also attract the attentions of the education market vertical.

However Chromebook growth does not reflect the rest of the portable PC market-- ABI says the Windows 8-powered ultraportable segment (including hybrid 2-in-a devices) sees "minimal" Q4 2013 growth, while 2013 ASPs are down by -7.4%.

The analyst forecasts ASPs to decline through 2019 due to competition from mobile devices and other form factors. Further in the future costs, connectivity and greater cloud service reliance will drive ultraportable PCs, even if consumers are to remain "undecided yet nonetheless intrigued" by such devices.

“There are many events that can shift the market in 2014, including the EOL of Windows XP, the adoption of Chromebooks and a stronger focus on web and cloud services,” ABI concludes. “How consumers and business audiences respond to these changes will impact the trajectory of the market.”

Go Chromebook Shipments Reach 2.1 million for 2013 (ABI Research)