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The Acer Windows Mixed Reality VR Headset

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The 2017 Microsoft Build conference sees Acer announce a Windows Mixed Reality VR headset-- one available on the holiday season in a bundle including the new Microsoft motion controllers.

Acer headsetAlso unveiled at the conference, the Microsoft motion controllers are reminiscent to the upcoming Touch controllers designed for the Oculus headset. The Microsoft controllers are wireless, and like the Touch controllers feature multiple buttons and triggers allowing users to "grasp" items within a virtual space.

However, unlike the Touch controllers, the Microsoft take on the accessories does not require an external sensors or markers-- instead, the controllers use vertically-placed glowing ring in conjunction with sensors built into the headset.

As for the Acer headset, Microsoft says it is but the first of a multiple Windows Mixed Reality (formerly Windows Holographic) to hit the market, since HP will also be making a similar VR offering. The headset uses inside-out tracking, meaning it needs no external cameras or IR emitters, and requires tethering to a Windows 10 PC.

A developer edition of the headset will be available from August 2017, before the aforementioned bundle arriving on the holiday season.

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