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Lian-Li Updates Desk PC

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Taiwanese desk maker Lian-Li announces an update on last year's DK-04 standing desk PC case-- the Dual-System DK-05, a motorised adjustable desk chassis described as "the new pinnacle of PC desks."

DK-05First seen back at CES 2017, the DK-05 is built out of aluminium, with the top covered in tempered glass. It features a new design offering a pair of 305x276mm motherboard trays, with each tray fitting up to x8 PCI and PCIe cards, power supply and two 2.5-inch HDDs. A shared spaces provides more rooms for various drives.

Between the motherboard trays is a space for liquid cooling systems and required reservoirs, pumps and fan trays for 360mm and 480mm radiators. Since the DK-05 fits two PCs, each side has own I/O panels with USB 3.1, USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI and HD-Audio ports, as well as RGB adjustment dials.

Desk height is adjustable from 69 to 118cm, allowing to fit just about every sitting and working position. The actual surface measures 140 x 78cm, providing plenty of space for multiple monitors, keyboards, mice and other accessories.

The DK-05 is available now in European markets.

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