The Next Big Thing? It’s More Complicated Than That, Says Lenovo CEO


If you're looking for the NXBT, the Next Big Thing, it's more complicated that that, says Yuanqing Yang, Lenovo Chairman and CEO.

Lenovo CEOHe says, "...companies that limit themselves to focusing on that next, single, big thing, at the expense of all the other big things happening around them, risk becoming irrelevant in a changing world."

While many people refer to "digital disruption," the pendulum is swinging back towards incumbents who are making the leap to newer digital business models. Rather than talk about companies disrupting themselves, Yang chooses another description:"transformation."

"For us,"notes Yang (who has succeeded in bringing Lenovo from China to a global brand that absorbed IBM's PC business),  "...this intelligence transformation driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes by combining three essential ingredients – data from smart devices and sensors in PCs, smartphones and other IoTs, computing power facilitated by supercomputers, data center infrastructure like servers, storage and networking, and algorithms based on industry knowledge, and processes."

Yang also observes, "I believe that AI should rather stand for Augmented Intelligence instead of Artificial Intelligence because I believe AI will be enhancing human capabilities instead of replacing them completely."

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