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Xbox One Follows PS4 With Ugraded Version

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Microsoft reveals the future of the Xbox One at E3 2016-- the console will be splitting into two versions, the smaller Xbox One S and a more powerful 4K-capable upgrade dubbed "Project Scorpio."

Xbox One SThe Xbox One S is a more compact (by 40%, Microsoft says) sibling to the Xbox One with a few interesting internal changes. First off, the cumbersome power brick is gone, since the company managed to integrate the power supply. Secondly the machine is able to output 4K/UHD video and add HDR to game visuals, making it a potentially relevant purchase for 4K TV owners.

Other tweaks seen in the pearl white console include a 2TB internal HDD, built-in IR blaster (making it compatible any number of remotes) and a redesigned wireless controller featuring a sleeker design, textured grip and Bluetooth connectivity for compatibility with other Windows 10 devices.

However the most noteworthy E3 2016 announcement from Microsoft is, of course, Project Scorpio-- the company is following Sony's example by releasing an incremental upgrade just 3 years after the Xbox One original debut. Microsoft gives no hardware details on the machine as yet, but the machine supposedly can push "true 4K visuals without sacrifice" through 6 TFLOPS of processing power.

“Now we see a whole new gaming landscape being driven by the unprecedented pace of innovation,” Xbox chief Phil Spencer says. “While the console ecosystem is stronger than ever, most of us play games on more that one device-- we want to deliver the choice to play the games you want on what you want, with who you want.”

Like Sony, Microsoft insists all Project Scorpio games will be compatible with the Xbox One-- and an additional Play Anywhere campaign should provide access to PC versions of games bought on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One S should hit the market on August 2016. As for Project Scorpio, the launch window is set to sometime around end 2017.

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