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WD Redesigns My Passport, My Book HDDs

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Western Digital announces the My Passport and My Book external HDD lines now have new "modern and innovative" designs, the result of a partnership with branding firm fuseproject.

WD My PassportSupposedly built with the customer in mind, the updated HDDs also feature password protection and 256-bit AES hardware encryption to further the protection of the data inside, as well as increased storage capacities.

“As the storage landscape continues to rapidly evolve, and the bars for design and user-experience have increased, the team focused on the design and user experience to catapult My Passport and My Book to the next level,” WD says. “Through the reimagined design language, we want to engage consumers in a conversation about how storage is core to their lives and how they feel more empowered by the real benefits of capturing, protecting and enjoying life’s precious memories.”

PowerColor Intros Devil Box External GPU

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PowerColor announces the Devil Box-- an AMD Xconnect-based external GPU enclosure allowing customers to add more graphical grunt to underpowered notebooks or mini PCs.

Powercolor Devil boxThe Devil Box includes a 500W PSU and fits graphics cards up to 310 x 140 x 50mm in size. A PCI Express x16 slot handles a variety of GPUs from both AMD and Nvidia, including the Radeon R9 Fury, the Radeon R9 300 series, the Radeon R9 290X, the GeForce GTX Titan X, the GTX 980 and the GTX 970, among others.

Connection to PC comes via Thunderbolt 3, while further connectivity comes through x4 USB 3.0 and ethernet. In addition, the box also fits a SATA III 2.5-inch HDD for the storage of either backups or games.

An OmniWear Arc Necklace for Wearable Gaming Feedback

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Wearable device startup OmniWear suggests a wearable device to give gamers a touch-based edge over opponents-- the Arc, a necklace that vibrates when opponents are in the vicinity.

OmniWear ArcOf course, the addition of haptic feedback is nothing new in game accessories, what with vibration motors being a standard in joypads and controllers. However the majority of games use haptics to simply make impacts feel "real" or add intensity to specific sequences, other than giving actual information to the gamer.

OmniWear claims the Arc provides 360-degree location tracking through 8 vibration motors placed around it. This, if an enemy approaches from behind, the motor at the back should start buzzing, and the buzzing gets more intense the closer the enemy is. To do so the necklace pairs with an OmniWear mobile app via Bluetooth, and in turn the app keeps track of what is taking place in the game.

Nintendo Presents the Switch

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Nintendo officially reveals its next piece of gaming hardware-- previously known as the "NX," the Switch is revealed to be a tablet-console hybrid with detachable controllers.

Nintendo SwitchA slick announcement video has fashionable youths playing with the Switch in a variety of ways. For instance, a man first plays with the machine at home on an HDTV, before removing the tablet-style console from a base station, attaching a pair of controller accessories, and heading for a spot of outdoor gaming. Another scene has the two-part controller take the role of two separate gamepads, and players are also seen using regular wireless joypads.

The video also shows the machine used in a tournament setting (maybe a sign Nintendo wants to target the lucrative competitive e-sports scene?) between scenes of seamless transitions between home and portable gaming, as well as what looks like to be a built-in kickstand. As for games media, cartridges appear to be making a comeback.

Kodak Brings Ektra Back in Smartphone Form

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The 1941 Kodak Ektra camera gets a revival in the shape of a smartphone-- specifically a "professional-quality, photography-first" handset sharing the name.

Kodak Ektra“Kodak has a rich history in imaging technology and the launch of the Kodak smartphone today demonstrates our ongoing commitment to bringing the latest advances in photography to consumers," the company says. “The original Kodak Ektra camera was launched in 1941 and in its latest reincarnation, opens up a world of creative opportunities to all who care about photography.”

As one might imagine, the Kodak Ektra smartphone is not actually made by the company itself-- after all, following its 2012 bankruptcy Kodak is solely in the business of licensing its IP. Instead, the device is made by UK-based Bullitt Group, a company specialised in bringing together components from a variety of sources in order to build phones for various brands (for the curious, these include Cat, JCB and Ministry of Sound).

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