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HP Starts Laptop Battery Recall

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HP starts a global safety recall and replacement program for the batteries in HP, Compaq, ProBook, Envy, Presario and Pavilion laptops sold from March 2013 to August 2015.

HP LaptopsAlso covered by the recall are laptop batteries sent as replacements or sold as accessories/spares during the period.

The reason behind the recall? As the company puts it, "these batteries have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers." The recall and replacement program covers all batteries, whatever the age, "at no cost" to customers.

WD Intros My Passport Wireless Pro

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Western Digital announces a heavier duty version of the 2014 My Passport Wireless external HDD-- the My Passport Wireless Pro.

My Passport Available in 2 or 3TB capacities, the My Passport Wireless Pro retains the same features as its predecessor. It connects to PCs via USB 3.0 for use as a regular external HDD, but the addition of wifi connectivity turns it into a miniature private cloud, allowing wireless uploading and downloading of files.

A browser-based dashboard provides access to drive battery life, remaining capacity and settings, and WD provides companion iOS and Android apps for smartphone and tablet file access. Also included is an SD card slot, making the drive ideal for photographers wanting to feed files from a camera to an HDD without need for a PC.

Intel Continues Fighting EU Antitrust Fine

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In 2009 the European Commission fined Intel €1.06 billion for abusing of its dominant market position. Seven years on Intel is still fighting the ruling as it files a final appeal to get it overturned.

European CommissionThe decision came about through an EU probe on whether a company with very large market share "can pursue a commercial strategy, the focus of which is the marginalisation or even the elimination of its only competitor.” According to the EC was attempting to do so through loyalty rebates to lower retail prices, thus unfairly squeezing out AMD.

Other anti-competitive practices from Intel during the 2002-2005 uncovered by the probe include restrictive conditions on rival processor use on PC makers (specifically Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and NEC) and payments to retails who exclusively sold Intel Inside PCs.

The 1000-Core KiloCore Processor

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Researchers at UC Davis present a dramatic increase in the number of cores in a CPU-- as the name suggests the KiloCore processor packs no less than 1000 cores.

KiloCoreMaking the KiloCore more impressive is the fact each core can be independently clocked to up to 1.78GHz and shut down independently when not in use. The result allows the CPU to handle up to 115 billion instruction per second while using just 0.7W of power, meaning it is so power efficient the researchers claim it can run on a single AA battery. All despite being built using an outdated 32nm CMOS process!

Raspberry Pi Gets Kodi Case

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Kodi caseThe company behind the media server software formerly known as XBMC takes on Raspberry Pi accessories with a case for the Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+.

A co-creation with case maker Flirc, the Kodi Edition case allows customers to turn the micro-PC into a home theatre PC (HTPC) running, of course, on the Kodi media centre. Construction is in aluminium, and the case acts as a passive heat sink to silently keep the Raspberry Pi's CPU cool.

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