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IDC: Ultraslims, Detachables "Revitalise" PC Market

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IDC has some good news for the W. European PC market-- Q2 2016 sees ultraslim notebooks and detachable (or hybrid) device shipments grow by 8.6% and 192.3% Y-o-Y respectively, marking at least one opportunity in a declining industry.

Detachable satelliteAround 1 in 5 PCs shipped in W. Europe in the quarter is an ultraslim notebook, while 1 in 4 tablets shipped is a detachable in both consumer and commercial segments, showing such devices have good traction despite current market challenges. After all, one has to keep in mind combined Q2 2016 PC and tablet shipments in the region are "stable" at 17.2 million units, a -3.4% Y-o-Y decline.

Ultraslims make 28.5% of Q2 2016 notebook volumes, an increase from 27% share last year. Consumer demand drives ultraslim growth, since such portable solutions are more attractive if advantages such as longer battery life are clearly promoted.

"Consumers are increasingly looking at performance, thinness, weight, battery life and display quality when they purchase new devices or replace old ones" the analyst says. "They prefer more frequently thin and light solutions that are high-performing and easy to carry around. Ultraslim notebooks allow for flexibility and address consumer mobile needs well. The results show a great performance for ultraslims and highlight their strong growth potential across W. Europe."

HP Adds Privacy Screens to Elite Laptops

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HP Elite laptopsHP Elite laptops get a bit more secure with Sure View technology providing an integrated privacy screen, the result of a partnership with 3M to fight "visual hacking" (or people looking over the user's shoulders).

The privacy screen restricts viewing angles to a 70-degree arc directly in front of the display, and cuts 95% of the light directed to the cut off sides. Activating the privacy screen involves a simple press of a keyboard shortcut, and the result should be less cumbersome and less permanent than the stick-on "privacy filters" currently available on the market.

Fractal Design Adds to Dynamic Series fans

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Fractal Design fanFractal Design announces a pair of additions to the Dynamic series fans-- the Dynamic X2 GP-12 and GP-14 all-purpose fans, both featuring high-grade LLS bearings for a higher MTBF figure.

As the names might suggest, the fans are 120 and 140mm respectively. According to Fractal Design the fans have an MTBF of up to 10000, an improvement from non-X2 fans in the series using hydraulic bearings with a claimed 40000 hours MTBF.

A Glove to Touch the Virtual World

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Chinese startup Dexta Robotics proposes a means to further add immersion to VR experiences-- the Dexmo, a force-feedback exoskeleton allowing users to "feel" the physical properties of virtual objects.

Dexmo GlobeThe Dexmo fits the hands like a glove, and tracks 11 degrees of freedom of motion. It applies force to the fingers when one is manipulating a virtual object, imitating the different levels of pushback provided by different objects in real life. As such, picking up a rubber duck in VR should feel different than, say, grabbing a brick.

ALSO Buys Bachmann Mobile Kommunikation

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ALSO acquires a majority stake in Swiss after-sales specialist Bachmann Mobile Kommunikation, a deal the distributor hopes will increase turnover generated by services from 3 to 6% through "inorganic and inorganic growth."

ALSOThe distie bought a 30% stake in Bachmann back in 2014, starting a "fruitful relationship" in after-sales services. ALSO describes Bachmann as the leading Swiss provider of repair and logistics services in CE and mobile communications after-sales market. Major customers the company serves include s Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt and Schweizerische Post

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