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LG Refreshes Gram Laptops

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LG refreshes the Gram laptop range ahead of CES 2018-- all promising to "push the boundaries of portable computing" with bigger 72Wh batteries allowing a "full day" of use on a single charge.

Gram laptopThe 2018 Gram laptop range comes in 13.3-, 14- and 15-inch sizes. Specifications vary, with LG offering 8th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and SSD storage (with the option of a second SSD). The IPS touchscreen handles 1920 x 1080 resolution, while connectivity comes through Thunderbolt 3.

Intel to Cut Intel Inside Program?

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According to CRN Intel plans to slash the "Intel Inside" program by 40-60%-- cuts that will "reverberate through the industry," bringing about anything from PC prices increases to marketing cutbacks.

Intel InsideAn anonymous source described as a "top executive for a major Intel partner" says funds making the program are being shifted towards driving datacentre business, "giving more to the data side of the house instead of compute." This means Chipzilla is moving dollars in other areas or keeping them in house, all in the name of improving profit and margins.

Meanwhile, an unidentified "CEO of a major solution provider" adds the funding cut will bring a "ripple effect" across the Intel ecosystem, before saying it is "disappointing, but it's not surprising," considering the cost challenges the company currently faces. Another CRN source simply says that he has "moved on" and partnered with other CPU makers, such as AMD.

Corsair Claims Memory Record

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The Vengeance SODIMM DDR4 4000 32GB (4x8GB) is a record breaker, Corsair says-- aimed at high-performance gaming machines and boasting "super-tight CL19-23-23-45 timings at 1.35V."

Vengeance SODIMMsThe memory kits require DDR4 SODIMMs, and are designed for use on the high-end desktop Intel X299 motherboard platform in SFF and mini-ITX form factor. The 32GB kit comes in four 8GB modules built on eight-layer PCB, and Corsair says it is made using hand-sorted and extensively binned Samsung B-die ICs memory chips.

Qualcomm Details Snapdragon 845

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Qualcomm announces the next generation of flagship Snapdragon mobile processor-- the Snapdragon 845, a direct successor to the 835 with features including 4K HDR video capture at up to 60fps.

Snapdragon 845The Snapdragon 845 combines a 2.8GHz 8-core Kyro 385 CPU and an Adreno 630 GPU. The GPU promises a 30% improvement in graphics, as well as 30% better power efficiency, 2.5x faster display throughput and support for room-scale 6DOF and room mapping for VR and AR applications.

On the photography side, the chip offers a Spectra 280 ISP performs multiframe noise reduction on 16MP images at 60fps, with support for the Rec. 2020 colour gamut and 10-bit colour depth. As mentioned earlier, it also allows for 4K video capture with HDR at 60fps, as well as slo-mo 720p video at 480fps and 1080p video at 240fps.

The 13.3-inch eInk eReader-Monitor Combo

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The Onyx Boox Max 2 Professional is an interesting eInk device-- one with a 13.3-inch touchscreen complete an HDMI port allowing use as a secondary display, a first according to the company.

Onyx Boox MaxThe eReader handles 2200 x 1650 resolution with 16-level greyscale, and includes a Wacom digitiser for stylus-based input. Regular finger-based touch input is also supported. Inside are a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 32GB storage, wireless connectivity comes via wifi and Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm jack provides audio playback.

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