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What Drives EMEA PC Market Recovery?

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IDC reports the EMEA PC market continues to improve in Q2 2017-- shipments are down by just -0.6% Y-o-Y to reach 15.9 million units, with positive performance in notebook shipments growing by 3.1% Y-o-Y.


Further boosting growth is "strong" performance in CEE (5.2%) and MEA (11.1%), while W. Europe is heading towards stabilisation (0.4%). Fueling commercial notebook shipments are public and private sector investments in CEMA, together with stronger economic confidence in major mature markets and back-to-school deals.

Commercial notebook shipments are up by 18.6% Y-o-Y in CEMA and 3% Y-o-Y in W. Europe, while consumer notebooks are up by 3.5% Y-o-Y in CEMA and down by -2% Y-o-Y in W. Europe.

Jide Kills Remix OS

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Remix OS-- the desktop-style Android fork complete with floating windows, mouse and keyboard support, and a start button-- is no more, as developer Jide announces an end to its consumer products.

Remix OS A simple announcement on the Jide website states work on "all existing products," including Remix OS software and various hardware products, is over. The company is even going to refund preorders on devices, such as the Remix IO and IO+ STBs, made on both Kickstarter and its online storefront starting from 15 August.

But why is Jide bringing such work to an end? Apparently this is due to a reshuffling of company priorities. As the announcement puts it, “over the past year, we received an increasing number of inquiries from enterprises in various industries, and began helping them build great tools for their organisations... [G]iven our existing resources, we decided to focus our company efforts solely on the enterprise space moving forward.”

GDP Ships Pocket Notebook

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Chinese Android gaming device maker GamePad Digital (aka GDP) announces the Pocket, a 7-inch Windows 10 notebook, is now shipping following a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

GDP PocketFirst announced back in February 2017, the Pocket represents something of a departure from the portable consoles that are GDP's usual product offering. Described as a combination of ultra-thin notebook and smartphone, the Pocket offers a 7-inch 1920 x 1080 display, Intel Atom X7-Z8750 quad-core CPU, Intel HD Graphics 405 GPU, 8GB LPDDR3 RAM, 128GB eMMC storage and a 7000mAh battery.

RGB Monoblocks for MSI X299 Motherboards

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Slovenian liquid cooling specialist EKWB prepares a monoblock for MSI X299 motherboards-- the EK-FB MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon RGB Monoblock, an all-in-one cooling solution complete with integrated RGB LED strip.

EK MonoblockThe cooling solution is compatible with the three Intel X299-based motherboards supporting the X-Series LGA-2066 processors, namely the MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, Gaming Pro Carbon and Gaming M7 ACK. The monoblock uses an EK-Supremacy EVO engine to directly cool the CPU and MOSFET module, with liquid flowing directly over all critical areas.

EK says customers can use the monoblock with systems using a weaker water pump, since the efficient VRM cooling on X2999 platforms allows for cooler CPU temperatures compared to traditional CPU water block and stock VRM heatsink solutions. In addition, the cold plate is redesigned to ensure better mechanical contact with the IHS of LGA-2066 socked-based processors, ensuring better thermal transfer.

Corsair Finds Buyer?

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According to Reuters PC peripheral and component maker Corsair has found a buyer-- "advanced discussions" on the matter are going on with EagleTree Capital, a middle market private equity firm.

Corair gamingThe story comes from anonymous sources, and neither Corsair nor EagleTree has commented on the matter.

Founded in 1994 by current CEO and owner Andy Paul, Corsair makes high performance gaming hardware such as keyboards, mice and headsets. It also owns the PC gaming brand Raptor Gaming. The company was set to go public in 2013, but scrapped such plans after it received a $75 million investment from Francisco Partners.

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