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Apple Preps Ultra Accessory Connector?

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According to 9to5Mac Apple is working on a new kind of iDevice connector-- the "Ultra Accessory Connector," (UAC) reportedly a new application for an old 8-pin plug.

Mini USB ConnectorApparently released in developer preview form through the Made-for-iPhone (MFi) licensing program, the UAC connector is small connector measuring 2.05mm x 4.85mm, making it slightly thinner than USB-C and nearly half as wide as USB-C and Lightning. It is essentially identical to the ultra-mini USB connectors found in proprietary cables bundled with devices such as Nikon cameras (pictured).

But what use will be the use of UAC plugs? As an intermediary, mainly. The unnamed 9to5Mac sources say UAC is not be a Lightning replacement. Instead it provides cross-compatibility between multiple connector types. Thus, users can swap between Lightning-to-UAC and USB-to-UAC cables with the same pair of headphones, with UAC allowing device firmware to juggle between connectors on the fly.

JOAN, the First ePaper Meeting Room Solution

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Installing Joan

JOAN is the first ePaper solution for meeting rooms and has already won a Red Dot design award. While JOAN is all about improving office productivity, most buyers focus on the energy-savings and the pricing. Meanwhile resellers point to the wireless operation, the easy-to-mount system (even works for glass doors). We interviewed Jasna Klemenc Puntar, Product Manager for Joan, Meeting Room Assistant.

It now seems like there are a lot of meeting room solutions out there...where does JOAN fit in?

Since electronic paper is very power efficient and it connects to the calendars via wi fi, Joan does not need any cables. Joan is perfect for glass walls and huddle rooms. Elegant and cost-effective, Joan can be installed very quickly in any office.

Windows 10 Cloud OS Leaks

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Windows 10 Cloud could be the Microsoft answer to Google's ChromeOS. Twitter user adguard (@rgadguard) leaked this lightweight version of Windows 10-- and curious users took the risk and installed the leaked ISO file.

Windows 10 CloudThey discovered a stripped-down version of the OS able to only run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, something reminiscent of the short-lived Windows RT.

The UI looks very similar to that of regular Windows 10, with a task bar and integrated Cortana-powered search field. However, attempts at installing Win32 applications brings a message stating the OS "was made to help protect you and your device by exclusively running Windows Store apps."

The Passive-Cooled Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Card

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Palit Microsystems announces what is possibly the first GTX 1050 Ti graphics card with passive cooling-- the Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti KalmX.

Palit KalmXAccording to the company, the KalmX allows customers to play modern games at "full 1080p HD @ 60fps" while enjoying a "silent 0dB gaming environment." The card does this through a unique cooler, with chunky conducting metal construction connected directly to the CPU via copper base. Twin nickel-plated heat pipes pierce the copper block, bend round and thread through many nickel-plated fins.

An included ThunderMaster program provides means to monitor the GPU and boost performance accordingly.

NEC Presents Ultra-Wide MultiSync EX341R

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NEC Display Solutions announces the MultiSync EX341R-- a 34-inch curved monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio designed to provide an "immersive" desktop experience.

NEC curved monitorAimed mainly at commercial clients, the EX341R features a 3440 x 1440 resolution SVA panel with an 1800R curvature and bezels just 1.55mm thin on 3 sides. It also carries ControlSync technology to simplify multi-monitor configurations when combined with DisplayPort daisy-chain functionality, as well as a picture-by-picture mode to replace existing monitors.

Another interesting addition is a human presence sensor able to turn the display off when the user leaves the workstation. Low Blue Light Content and Flicker-Free certification from TÜV Rheinland promise to reduce eye strain, while SpectraViewII software (available either separately or as a bundle) ensures uniform and accurate colours.

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