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Sony Intros Android-Powered Xperia Touch Projector

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Mobile World Congress 2017 has Sony unveil a surprise device-- the Xperia Touch is an Android-powered projector able to turn any surface into a touchscreen while acting as a digital hub of sorts.

Xperia TouchAs the company puts it, the Xperia Touch can put all kinds of information, including calendar, weather data and a "memo board," on a single interface. The idea is family members input events and leave notes on the interface for all to see, turning it into a digital notice board for the home. Google Assistant provides voice control, and the built-in battery promises around 1 hour of use on a single charge.

The projector also carries a 13MP camera and speakers, allowing it to handle Skype video chats, while SXRD projection technology detects gestures and taps. Maximum projection sizes reaches 80-inch at 1366 x 768 resolution, and images can be projected on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

A Leather Grip for the Apple Pencil

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Case and accessory maker Pen & Quill announces the Leather Apple Pencil Grip-- a self-descriptive means for users to get a better hold of the Apple stylus while working on the iPad Pro.

leather pencil gripThe grip comes in 2 pieces. One is put on the bottom to provide the actual holding grip, while the other is put towards the top to provide a clip and Lightning cap holder. Construction is in full-grade American leather, and is designed to age and break with age, making each grip unique.

Acer Monitors the Air at MWC

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Mobile World Congress 2017 sees Acer announce the Air Monitor-- a connected device providing real-time air quality analysis through companion app and a colour-changing LED embedded in the chassis.

Acer Air MonitorPart of the company's "Internet of Beings" (IoB), the Air Monitor tracks 6 air quality indicators, namely TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), carbon dioxide, PM2.5, PM10, temperature and humidity. The smartphone app allows users to easily access the measured data, and it can also send warnings via push notifications when indicators exceed predefined thresholds.

Sony Claims Fastest SD Card

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According to Sony the SF-G UHS-II SD card is the fastest yet, with read/write speeds reaching 300MB/s and 299MB/s respectively, making it perfect for photographers and videographers.

Sony fastest card"The quick write speed supports maximum performance of digital imaging devices, contributing to longer continuous shooting of high-resolution images with UHS-II supporting cameras," the company says. "It also contributes to a shorter buffer clearing time so users never miss a critical moment."

Remix OS Gets Mobile Version

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Jide Technologies announces a new version of the Android-based Remix OS-- one designed for both smartphones and Android-based PCs armed with a new feature dubbed Remix Singularity.

Remix OSEssentially Remix Singularity is an Android equivalent to Continuum, the Windows 10 feature allowing users to turn a smartphones into a PC by plugging in the necessary peripherals (such as a keyboard and monitor). Thus, the smartphone version of Remix OS has a UI ideal for smaller displays, but plugging the mobile device to a monitor or TV brings the full Remix OS UI seen in tablets and PCs.

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