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The First My Passport SSD

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Western Digital adds a first SSD option to the My Passport portable storage portfolio- the My Passport SSD promises transfer speeds of up to 515MB/s, making it the fastest in the line.

My Passport SSDDesigned for use with USB-C devices, the My Passport SSD features a USB-C port and ships a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-A adapter. The drive is palm-size and pretty tough, since WD says it withstands falls of up to 2m and 1500G of force.

"The WD brand is focused on delivering fresh, new personal storage devices that offer amazing performance in a beautiful, yet durable design," the company adds. "Our fastest portable drive yet, the My Passport SSD is a powerful solution for people who need to move content quickly and easily wherever life takes them."

Google Invests in LG Display?

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The Electronic Times reports Google has invested 1 trillion won (or $880.29 million) in LG Display-- an investiment said to ensure Google gets enough OLED displays for the next Pixel Phone.

Google Reportedly, display supply was the reason Google faced shipping difficulties with the current Pixel phone. However, the ET adds the investment is not a display purchase order but part of a "strategic relationship" ensuring LG Display has enough capital to produce "flexible OLED panels" at scale.

Sony's Digital Paper Tablet

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Sony is famous for releasing unusual devices in its home Japan, and the DPT-RP1 is one such example-- a 13.3-inch tablet featuring an ePaper display one can write or draw on via included digital pen.

Sony digital paper tabletTechnically a successor to a similar device, the DPT-S1, the DPT-RP1 offers a "non-slip" panel Sony says makes use of the aforementioned digital pen better. It also has a thinner and lighter design that is as thick as a stack of 30 sheets of paper, while the processor is also improved.

Ubuntu Gives Up on Convergence

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A blog post by Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth dashes the dream of PCs and smartphones running on the same version of Linux-- the company is going to stop working on Ubuntu for phones and tablets.

Ubuntu phoneInstead, the next version of Ubuntu (18.04 LTS) will shift back to the GNOME desktop environment.

“We will continue to produce the most usable open source desktop in the world, to maintain the existing LTS releases, to work with our commercial partners to distribute that desktop, to support our corporate customers who rely on it, and to delight the millions of IoT and cloud developers who innovate on top of it,” Shuttleworth writes. "The choice, ultimately, is to invest in the areas which are contributing to the growth of the company."

Sony Aims Tough SSDs at 4K Video

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Sony presents the G Series Professional SSDs-- drives able to write up to 2400 terabytes without failure or frame dropping, making them ideal for videographers working on 4K video.

Sony SSDsThe G Series drives come in 960GB (SV-GS96) and 480GB (SV-GS48) capacities, with both drives able read at up to 550MB/s and write at 500MB/s. Also included is "built-in technology preventing sudden speed decreases, while ensuring stable recording of high bit-rate 4K video without frame dropping."

Built-in data protection technology protects the drives from power failures, while the connectors are able to handle 3000 removals and insertions, or "six times more tolerance" than regular SATA connectors, even in "harsh conditions."

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