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A BookBook for the Latest MacBooks

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Bookbook macbookTwelve South announces a version of the BookBook case for all 12-inch MacBook 2016 and MacBook Pro models, providing customers a means to disguise their notebook as a vintage hardback book.

The BookBook case also offers protection, with reinforced corners and a stronger crush-resistant spine. The outside is in premium oil-pull up leather, while the inside is covered in soft microfibre material.

The inside has a hidden compartment for the holding (or hiding) of documents, as well as two elastic bands one can slip over the corner of the MacBook screen. This allows one to open the MacBook screen when they open the BookBook case.

An All Controller for All Games

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Startup Digital Depth claims to have a solution for the control of multiple game systems-- the All Controller, a device one can describe as a universal remote only for game consoles.

All ControllerThe All Controller is similar in design to the Xbox One controller, if with a small display set in the centre. The makers claim it works with a wide range of machines, including PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Switch and Wii U, as well as PCs, Macs, iDevices and Android devices. This variety of compatible hardware is where the display comes in, since it allows users to set up the controller accordingly.

Thus, to connect the All Controller to an iPhone, one needs to load up the appropriate pre-loaded driver via the display, before selecting the controller from the iOS Bluetooth settings. Connection to consoles requires the plugging in of an included USB dongle, before loading the driver.

Razer Adds RGB Lighting to Anything

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Razer announces a means for customers to add synchronised RGB lighting to pretty much anything-- a modular lighting kit dubbed the Chroma Hardware Development Kit (HDK).

Razer lightingThe Chroma HDK features the same Synapse 3 controlled RGB LEDs found in the company's PC systems and peripherals. The actual kit consists of 2 LED strips (each with 16 RGB LEDs) together with a base module offering 4 lighting channels. Customers can also add more lighting through a Lightpack Extension Kit packing two RGB LED strips and extension cables.

The base module connects to PCs via USB for data and power, while an optional DC output allows for additional power and brightness. The strips can also be used for internal PC case lighting through an included Molex to DC power adapter. As for the synchronisation and control of lighting, one needs to use either the Synpase 3 or Chroma Studio software.

Mophie's XXL USB-C Battery Pack

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Mophie presents a battery pack large enough to charge devices such as MacBooks or the Nintendo Switch-- the powerstation USB-C XXL, with 19500mAh capacity and 30W fast-charging.

powerstation USB-C XXLAs the name suggests, the battery pack features USB-C connectivity for the charging of modern devices. However, for customers owning anything else it also includes a USB-A port with 5W charging. The USB-C port receives as well as accepts charging, and the package includes a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-A to USB-C cable.

Lian-Li Updates Desk PC

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Taiwanese desk maker Lian-Li announces an update on last year's DK-04 standing desk PC case-- the Dual-System DK-05, a motorised adjustable desk chassis described as "the new pinnacle of PC desks."

DK-05First seen back at CES 2017, the DK-05 is built out of aluminium, with the top covered in tempered glass. It features a new design offering a pair of 305x276mm motherboard trays, with each tray fitting up to x8 PCI and PCIe cards, power supply and two 2.5-inch HDDs. A shared spaces provides more rooms for various drives.

Between the motherboard trays is a space for liquid cooling systems and required reservoirs, pumps and fan trays for 360mm and 480mm radiators. Since the DK-05 fits two PCs, each side has own I/O panels with USB 3.1, USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI and HD-Audio ports, as well as RGB adjustment dials.

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