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The Onyx Boox Typewriter eInk Hybrid

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Chinese eReader maker Onyx International presents a curious device at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair-- the Boox Typewriter, a laptop/tablet hybrid device featuring an eInk display.

Boox typewriterLike other hybrid devices, the Boox Typewriter consists of a tablet-style display and a detachable keyboard. The display is a 9.7-inch 1200 x 825 Carta eInk number, and handles touch input via either fingers or electromagnetic (EMR) stylus. It also carries a 1GHz Cortex A9 CPU with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage, and runs on Android 4.0, making it rather dated in tech spec terms.

Onyx suggests one can use the Boox Typewriter as an eReader when detached from the keyboard, while when attached it makes either an eye-friendly word process or a black and white web browser. One can also pair with a smartphone or PC for document sharing via wifi or Bluetooth. The eInk display means power consumption is quite low, allowing for more use on a smaller 4100mAh battery (with up to 25 days of standby time).

The Boox Typewriter can currently be seen in prototype form at the fair, but Onyx says it should hit the market by the beginning of 2018.

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