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Logitech Presents G413 Gaming Keyboard

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The latest Logitech gaming keyboard fails to look like its overdesigned brethren-- the G413 is a mid-range option with an understated aluminium case.

Logitech G413The G413 still features the LED backlighting seemingly required by gaming keyboards, in a choice of red or white colours. The keys are mechanical, armed with Logitech's own Romer-G switches (which are equivalent to Cherry MX Brown switches in terms of force), while the F1-F12 keys provide programmable macro access.

Customisation comes through included Logitech software, with lighting and macro control. The keyboard is cabled, with a thick braided cord providing USB pass-through, and the package includes 12 additional keycaps and a puller tool.

The G413 is available from April 2017 in a choice of either "carbon" (with red LEDs) or "silver" (with white LEDs) colours.

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