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Iogear's Wireless USB Audio/Video Kit

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An innovation shown at CES, The IOGEAR Wireless USB to VGA Adapter kit instantly allows you to add a high resolution display using Wireless USB Technology.

Iogear's Wireless USB Audio/Video Kit transmits media content stored on a PC hard drive—or pulled from the net—to any display located up to 30 feet away. Connect the Wireless USB Host to your PC, and the audio and VGA adapters to your display; it will transmit stereo sound and video of up to 720p in resolution.


Contact details for Monster Cable

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Lilian Haner from Monster Cable is available at this address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Top Stories of 2008

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Each of us has his/her own favorites but industry-wide you’d have to vote for (in random order):

Blu-Ray Defeats HD-DVD

The Rise of Netbooks

The Disappointment of VISTA

Google’s Android Entry

Gaming's Retail Strength

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When all else weakens, it seems Gaming will be the best product standing. Yes, it is a market supercharged by recent software releases that have as much impact as a new Harry POtter book on book sales. Yes, it is a market driven by passion.

But gaming also benefits from a surge in casual gamers. A recent study by Pew Internet found more thanhalf of adults in USA play video games. And 23% of those over age 65 say they play at least sometimes.

Only 3% of teens don't play any video games at all, and gender discrepancy between adult men and women players is only about 5%.More than half of American adults play video games and 1 in 5 play just about every day.

Go Pew Internet

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