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EITO Says Digital CE Market Value to Drop

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On the eve of IFA Berlin and with EITO’s Bitkom Research being based in Berlin, we thought we’d show EITO’s latest market figures. 

But we never expected the negative result: EITO suggests Digital CE in the EU will drop in value next year.

ICT + Digital CE value*722.6743.8760.1
Digital CE value*61.262.760.7
*Billions of Euro                  **Estimated
Source: EITO

 EITO has been a trusted source (although no one ever agrees on any unit sales figures) so we guess it must depend upon the definition of “Digital CE.” A recent GfK study with CES showed worldwide CE with an impressive 10% growth in value in 2008. Yes, prices are dropping in many categories but portable navigation devices (GPS) expect worldwide revenue growth of nearly 20% in 2008, laptop computers (up 15%) and mobile phones/smartphones (up 14%) .…oh, maybe the iPhone goes under Mobile, the laptops under IT and GPS under…well, Telecom! 

See the problem? It’s getting harder and harder to define CE vs. IT vs. Telecom. 

So maybe we should complain instead about the annoying habit of lumping all ICT together as if we haven’t clearly bifurcated into B2B versus B2C models. Particularly when you try to add in Digital Consumer Electronics, why not just separate the consumer from the business? That’s hard enough… but makes more sense when trying to see what’s rising and what’s falling.

Go EITO Tracks Digital CE + ICT

RadioShack to Test Mobile Phone Stores

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RadioShack may test a high-end, mobile phone store format in USA this year. An analyst at Deutsche Bank claims RS is building three test stores to open by October and then will hope to have 10 by the year's end, 150 in the next 12 months and 400 in three years, if successful. 

RadioShack will target higher-end, non-mall real estate, and hopes to replicate the look and feel of Apple Stores by hiring same designers. RadioShack stores may add brands (T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T) not found in their typical stores.

GO Call Radio Shack

Intel’s $100,000 Challenge

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Intel ChallengeNow’s your chance to get some of your processor budget back: Intel wants to award $100,000 of seed funding to any four developers, individuals, or organizations who can develop the best technology solutions in education, healthcare, economic development, and the environment.

GO Seed Funding Inside

Now We Know: Spam Sells

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Recent FBI prosecutions suggest the going rate for spammers to send a million spam messages is as little as US $5 -10. And now a security company with the convenient name of “Marshal” says 250 million customers are buying from spam mail. 29% of internet users purchased goods from spam emails, says Marshal.

The most commonly purchased items include sexual enhancement pills, software, adult material and luxury items such as watches, jewellery and clothing.

GO Marshal Study on Spam

Best Buy Registered Trademark in Russia

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Government patent agency Rospatent now admits Best Buy entered its license application for Future Shop, a Canadian subsidiary in 2006. (Worse yet, Rospatent says it is still reviewing the 2006 application.)

Best Buy has never publicly voiced any intention to open stores in Russia. Yet.

Best Buy Shanghai

After less than a year, Best Buy's first China store (Shanghai)
is among the top-10 revenue generators out of 1,300 stores worldwide.

GO Best Buy International

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